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Sometimes you just need a little extra cash. Maybe you’re saving up for a trip to see a famous mouse in Florida or you had an unexpected home maintenance issue. Whatever the reason, you don’t have stress. All it takes is a little work and a little creativity to bring some extra funds into your household. Best of all, your kids can help with many of these ideas.

Start a Landscaping Business

A landscaping business can turn into a full-fledged operation or just focus on a few homes. It can involve mowing lawns or simply weeding and trimming bushes. You decide the services you want to offer. Start by asking a few neighbors if they need any work done. Some may even offer their own equipment so you don’t have to purchase a quality lawnmower and other tools. To find business beyond your neighbor, share a post on social media and look for local Facebook groups where people regularly search for services or post their needs.

Care for Pets

Turn your love for animals into some extra cash. If you’re home during the day, make some money by walking dogs or stopping in to feed people’s pets at different times during the day. Know friends who are going out of town? Offer to pet sit for a small fee. Even young kids can help out by filling water bowls, playing with the animals, and giving them tons of love.

Run Errands

Do you have elderly neighbors who can’t get around? New moms who don’t have time to go to the grocery store? Hardworking professionals who need someone to pick up their dry cleaning? You can become an errand-runner for these individuals. Offer to make trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, dry cleaners, or even the repair shop for a small fee. Can’t find work in your neighborhood? Consider signing up for a service like TaskRabbit or Postmates.

Make Deliveries

Restaurant delivery services, such as DoorDash and UberEats have really taken off and you can make money by signing up to work for them. You can also visit local pizza joints to see if they’re looking for delivery jobs (many usually are). If delivering food isn’t your thing, consider other delivery options. If you have a pickup truck, you can advertise on a local online messaging board that you’re willing to help transport large appliances and equipment from hardware stores. You may also want to consider delivering for a service like Amazon Flex.

Become a Secret Shopper

Many companies use secret shoppers to ensure their employees and stores are providing a quality customer service experience. To get started, simply download a secret shopping app such as Mobee, EasyShift, iSecretShop, Field Agent, or Gigwalk. Some areas have more opportunities available than others. If you’re in a saturated area, just check your app regularly and jump on opportunities when you see them. Be sure to figure in the cost of gas and the time to get to the secret shopping mission and try to stack shops in the same area so you actually make money during the process.

Get Money Back While Shopping

Don’t underestimate how much a few cents here and there can add up. Use a program like Ebates or Swagbucks when shopping online. You can also get deals by adding an extension such as Honey to your browser to ensure you get the latest coupons applied to your order. And don’t forget programs like Paribus which automatically send e-mails to try and get you money back when prices drop on items you’ve already purchased.

Sell Your Own Goods

Go on a purging spree and find items in your home that you can sell to make money. Sure, those baby clothes are cute and have memories attached to them, but choose one or two of your favorite pieces and sell the rest to a consignment shop or at a garage sale. Do the same with children’s toys and other baby items. If you don’t have enough items for a full-fledged yard sale, advertise your items online through a site like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Just be sure to choose a safe spot to meet up to give the buyer the goods. Many police stations have set up places to help you do that. Don’t forget about sites like eBay for selling items too.

Get Crafty

If you’re artistic or have another crafty skill, consider selling your work. You can set up an Etsy shop to sell things online. You can also set up a booth at a local craft show. The holiday season is a prime time to find a lot of small craft shows. You may also find booths available at local fairs and festivals during the spring and summer months.

Start Baking

Do you like baking? Turn your love into a business by offering make cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts for local events. Start small with items for parties thrown by friends and family members. Then slowly branch out by advertising your services on social media. Be sure to fully consider the cost of ingredients, packaging and the time involved (including delivery) to make sure you’re not losing money as you work.

Take Photos

If you’re always the photographer at family events or have a fancy camera just sitting on a shelf, you may be able to find work as a photographer. Ask some friends or family members to serve as models so you can practice refining your skills. Then use those photos to advertise your services online. To get more business, set up a day of special sessions where you create a seasonal backdrop and families can sign up to get their fall, spring, or holiday pictures taken. November is a great time to take photos for holiday photos. Easter is also a popular time for photos with families.

Make Videos

Do your kids love to watch YouTube videos? You can try to get on the viral video train by setting up your own YouTube channel and starting to film videos of your own. Have your kids participate in crazy challenges. Talk about life as a family. Record yourselves playing video games. You might not make a lot of money right away, but if you catch on, the money could add up over time. Be sure to think about privacy when setting up your channel. Consider using a generic name rather than your real names and don’t allow your kids to respond to comments left on the videos.

Rent Out Your Home

If your home is in a popular tourist destination or has some unique features, consider renting it out a few days every month. This is ideal if you have other family members you can stay with for a few nights or if you have a mother-in-law suite or guest room with a separate entrance. You can also rent out your home if you’re already planning to be out of town. Just make sure there’s someone nearby to check on your home and available to come by should a problem arise.


Parents are always looking for affordable babysitters. Advertise on a site like or Sittercity. If you know your church, children’s school, or a local organization is having an event for adults, consider working with the organization to provide on-site childcare at a low cost. You’d be surprised how many parents will take advantage of a parents’ night out opportunity.

Think Long-Term

You might not need extra cash now, but that doesn’t mean the need won’t arise in the future. Consider making regular investments through an app like Stash or Acorns. Your bank may partner with a program that allows you to round up each purchase and automatically save or invest your extra change. You can even just put a set amount of money into a savings account every month so it’s available when you need it. Small things, such as making an extra mortgage payment each year or making purchases that help you qualify for income tax deductions can also help you find extra money over time.

As you make these financial decisions, talk to your kids about what you’re doing and get them involved. It’s important to teach kids about money and help them learn about personal finance so they can make wise financial decisions when they get older.